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Hidradenitis Suppurativa: Will Any Treatment Work?

Feb 20, 2014

Hidradenitis Suppurativa, known more commonly as HS or acne inversa, is a chronic skin condition, which most commonly affects the areas of the body containing apocrine sweat glands.


Painful and embarrassing, but not contagious, the condition causes infections, abscesses, cysts, and pits to form in areas such as the armpits, inner thighs, and groin. An estimated 1% of the population has HS, but as some people feel too embarrassed to seek diagnosis and treatment, the true figure may be larger than this. In most cases, HS goes undiagnosed for years because the patient is too ashamed to speak with anyone.


Once a patient has plucked up the courage to approach a doctor, the trials and tribulations of the disease are sadly not over. Mild cases of HS are controlled with medication, however, in an advanced form, treatment involves surgery.


There is no known cure for HS, as the causes of the condition are still not certain. However, non surgical treatment,

such as lifestyle changes, weight reduction, cessation of smoking , retinoids, contraceptive pills, immunosuppressants,  can help the symptoms to improve.  Ultimately except for the mild cases with occasional eruptions, surgery is commonly required to get rid of the troublesome areas of the skin.

In cases where a patient suffers from very large abscesses or very recurrent abscess formation, for example, which usually does not clear with antibiotics and other medical therapy, one of the following treatments may be suggested: incision and drainage, where the “lids” of the lumps are cut off and the contents is drained or scraped out, the removal of the entire lump, cryotherapy, which involves freezing the abscess off with liquid nitrogen, or even laser ablation.


To control your condition and keep your HS at the most minor stage, get your diagnosis now, and seek treatment as soon as possible. As with most diseases, the earlier you catch it, the better your prognosis.


At Austingraces, we offer a variety of surgical treatments which may ease the difficulties associated with Hidradenitis Suppurativa. Call us today for a consultation on 08456 020 621, or ask for a referral from your doctor.

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