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Feb 17, 2014


Over the last twenty years, cosmetic surgery has become increasingly popular. Tummy tucks, facelifts, and breast augmentations have all become accepted routes to improved self-confidence, and in 2012, nearly 40,000 women and more than 4,000 men underwent cosmetic surgery in the UK. MrFortuneIwuagwu.jpg


However, as the industry grows, rumours, myths, and misconceptions are also on the rise. At Austingraces, we know that a well-informed patient is a happy patient, so we will be using this blog to dispel any fallacies, correct false impressions, and restore peace of mind to all of our clients.


Our surgeon, Mr Fortune Iwuagwu, is BAPRAS accredited, GMC-registered, and has specialised in plastic surgery, reconstructive work, and intricate hand surgery for almost 20 years. If you have a question about surgery, he’ll have the answer. Once you decide to undergo an operation with us, we offer free second consultations to calm your nerves and respond to your queries. However, if you’re feeling curious before you contact us, visit this blog, and you might just find the information you’ve been looking for.


Over the next few months, we’ll be talking about everything from tummy tuck myths to tattoo removal. If you want to hear the latest answers to the most common questions in the surgery industry, drop by the blog or call Austingraces today on 08456 020 621.


We hope to be seeing you soon.

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