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Dog Bites – Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery

May 19, 2014

Dog Bites – Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery


It is estimated that around 200,000 people in the UK are bitten by dogs each year and despite changes in the dog ownership laws; this number has been steadily rising since 2007. Although the majority do not require serious medical attention, 6,000 people are admitted to hospitals in England every year with injuries sustained by dog bites*.Dog Bites Plastic Surgery Reconstructive Surgery


Children the most likely to be bitten, and one of every six bite or strike victims admitted to hospital, is a child aged under the age of ten. Statistically, nearly half of these require plastic surgery, with a quarter requiring facial surgery.



When such injuries are sustained the medical care required can be extremely specialist, and patients are often referred to plastic surgeons for reconstructive or plastic surgery. Our surgeon at Austingraces, Mr Fortune Iwuagwu, holds particular expertise with scars and soft tissue injuries and is a member of
British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons.


Following changes in dog ownership laws in 2013, the owner of a pet causing injuries could lead to a five year jail sentence for the owner, while the owner of a dog that attacks and kills someone could face up to 14 years in jail. These legal changes have in turn played a part in scrutinizing the role of dog ownership and placed greater responsibility in the hands of the owners of dogs that cause harm or injury. 


Due to the complexity of both the legal process and the medical care sometimes required by dog or animal bites, it is vital to use a surgeon experienced not only of how best to treat any injuries, but also in the intricate workings of the legal system.


At Austingraces, we hold extensive medico-legal experience. As a member of ‘Expert Witness Institute’, ‘Society of Expert Witnesses’ and ‘Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL)’, our surgeon Mr Fortune Iwuagwu has been preparing medico-legal reports for over a decade. He has attended various highly reputable courses for medico-legal experts such as the Bond Solon courses in 'Excellence in Report Writing' and 'Written Evidence', expert witness courses etc. in order to hone in his skills and deliver top class reports for patients, solicitors and the courts.


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*(According to statistics from the Health and Social Care Information Centre)

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