Cosmetic Surgery For Christmas?

Nov 25, 2014

it's a well know statistic that come the New Year many people rush to sign up for gym memberships or the promise of starting new healthy living regimes.  Whether or not these last past the end of February is another story.  But, the growing trend of going into a new year facing cosmetic surgery is a much more permanent option. The "gifting" of new boobs, a slimmer tummy or a wrinkle free face is becoming more and more popular.  With the festive season fast approaching, The British Association Of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (The BAAAPS), are holding strong in their stance that the purchasing procedures as gifts is nothing more than a "commoditisation" of cosmetic procedures. 

According to Adam Searle, consultant plastic surgeon and President of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery;

"I find it breathtaking that after all the discussions on patient safety and care in modern medical practice, any organisation can feel comfortable using promotional gimmicks to entice patients into having any procedure, be it surgical or non-surgical , which should only be the result of careful consultation with a qualified practitioner."

"Unlike traditional holiday gifts, surgery cannot be returned in January, and exchanged for something more flattering."

According to plastic surgeons, the gifting of procedures is up 20% to 35%, depending on the procedure and practice. Many surgeries in the UK report an increase in the  sales of gift cards bat this time of year. Low cost procedures like medical-grade peels remain the most popular. 

There’s a rise in pricier gift surgeries as well, with family and friends paying for the nose jobs, breast augmentation, or Botox treatments of loved ones.

Surgeons also report that their can often be an increase in surgeries in the run up to the Christmas holiday.  Clients like the idea of having additional recovery time over the festive period, when they are more likely to be at home with their families than at work. The plastic-surgery-around-the-holidays trend has been noted in the past, and is not necessarily a new trend.  But would you consider a quick Christmas procedure?  Or would you consider asking for, or maybe purchasing vouchers for a procedure as a gift?

Of course, there may be many genuine reasons as to why a potential patient would like assistance in purchasing surgery.  Perhaps they need the financial assistance, or have been saving for a particular procedure for a long period of time. But many surgeons fully agree that plastic surgery is a life commitment and should not be entered into lightly.  

According to Douglas McGeorge, consultant plastic surgeon and BAAPS President-Elect;

"These schemes are always for the clinic`s benefit, not the patient`s. Even if a procedure is non-surgical, there are still medical issues to consider. People should not enter into these commitments lightly,  plastic surgery is for life."

It may seem like a nice gift, one piece of paper, one little bow, one little box, opened by a very grateful recipient - but it it overstepping the line? Perhaps the recipient may feel offended by the idea that their loved ones think they need bigger boobs or a wrinkle free forehead?  Perhaps it sends out the wrong message to the younger generations, that anything you want can be purchased for a price; that you can change your appearance under the knife and without having to put in any personal effort at all.

Whatever your thoughts on this matter, the trend does seem to remain on the increase.

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