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Trigger Finger

Dec 31, 2014

Category: Medical Treatment

Trigger Finger - what actually is that? Well despite it's name, it is nothing to do with actual guns, and a lot to do with pain in the tendons in the fingers. Trigger Finger is a more user friendly name used to encompass the medical condition referred to as stenosing tendovaginitis or tenosynovitis. In this blog we explore this common condition and look into ways of easing the pain and the symptoms.

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Category: General

Did you know the average woman can put on as much as an extra 5lb over the Christmas period. Our Blog gives you some tips on how to avoid piling on too many pounds over the holidays.

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Category: Cosmetic Surgery

Little girls have always dreamed of growing up to look like beautiful princesses. This used to just be a dream that only became a reality if you were lucky enough to inherit great genes. But these days with treatments becoming safer, quicker and more affordable, we ask - why are people going to such extremes, and do surgeons agree help them?

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