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Botox - Your Questions Answered

Jan 16, 2015



Botox has been one of the most popular treatments in the beauty industry for some time now. There are many reasons why people love it so, and for the vast majority of patients it is a quick, painless and affordable way to keep the wrinkles at bay. Having Botox injections is a personal decision and although it is a safe and pretty standard procedure, you should always discuss any possible side effects with your doctor prior to treatment. Perhaps botox is something you have been considering, but you you have some concerns spinning round your head.

In this blog, we try to address 5 of the most common misconceptions about Botox.

1. Botox should only be given when the lines first appear.

This isn't true. Like many things in life, if you can get ahead of the game, it may help you in the long run, but this does not mean that having injections once the wrinkles have appeared it will not work. Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon Grant Stevens explains, “Botox is being used more and more frequently by people trying to do preventative treatments. Waiting until lines become etched into the skin means it's much more difficult to smooth their appearance again, but not impossible” He adds that Botox is often used for lines and wrinkles formed by muscle movements like scowling, squinting, and raising eyebrows. “Often by starting Botox preventatively, people and their muscles can actually learn to not make certain faces and expressions and contribute to worsening their lines. By not making certain expressions in the future, or making them less often, you may actually need less Botox or need it less often.”

2. Once I have botox, do I need to keep having it?

No you don't! Your skin will gradually just go back to the way it was before you had the injections. Botox can prevent your wrinkles from worsening while you keep up with treatments and if you decide to stop having Botox treatments your skin will resume the normal development of wrinkles with movement. Botox does not make your wrinkles worse either. Botox results are not permanent either, and will typically only last three to four months. Should you decide to not continue with the injections, no problems, your muscles will slowly return to how they were initially, prior to treatment."

3. You are never too you for Botox

The majority of Botox patients seem to be from their mid 30's and upwards, there is a growing trend for younger patients looking to start getting injections. The majority of doctors will not undertake Botox for cosmetic use on younger patients. Some doctors do believe that preventative Botox is effective for patients in their 20's, but this would be down to the individual doctor you chose to consult.

4. Botox Is Just A Vanity Cure For Wrinkles

Not at all. In fact, whilst Botox does have great cosmetic applications, it is also a very successful treatment for migraines as it can reduce muscle tension and create less strain on the nervous system. Botox can even be used to temporarily block sweat glands to stop excessive sweating, and even might help patients who suffer from depression.

5. Botox Is Just For The Ladies

Hey, they don't call it "Bro-tox” for nothing! Gifting Botox to men is becoming a popular trend and the modern man is just as concerned about the signs of aging as the ladies are. Men in their early 30's are increasingly looking to Botox as an addition to their grooming routines. And it's not just men being nagged by their other halves either. Many men use Botox to help attract a new partner. Smooth, wrinkle free foreheads can not only make a man look years younger, but can also soften up his look to make him seem more approachable. Botox has become the modern way wingman of choice!

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